Bringing History to Life: Masterful Restoration of Timeless Stained Glass Windows

Do your stained glass windows have cracks or are pieces missing? Are your windows bulging at the top or the bottom (or in between!)? Do you need to have them evaluated, repaired, or possibly restored?

The lead can fail between the pieces of stained glass due to age, heat, rain (oxidation which turns the lead white—"lead rot”), or gravity. Whether you need a baseline evaluation or work done on your windows; we can assist you.

Stained glass repair is replacing or edge-gluing broken pieces for cosmetic reasons or structural stability. Stained glass restoration involves disassembling a panel, cleaning all the glass, cutting new pieces as necessary or edge-gluing, releading the window one piece at a time, and basically making a new window using the old glass. Properly completed and reinforced, the stained glass window should last longer than the old original stained glass window. We have restored hundreds of stained glass panels.


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